Mobile Nail Trim Van

House calls now available in Urbana, Ijamsville and Monrovia.
Available for dog friendly venues and events in the greater Frederick area.

CALL 240-842-9777 to schedule
Online booking coming soon.

Basic Nail Trim

We will trim your pets nails with a manual nail clipper.
Please note, that trimming without grinding can leave sharp edges.

Dogs – $25
Cats – $30

Nail Trim and Grind

We will grind your dogs nails with an electric nail grinder. After trimming, very sharp edges can be created. Grinding with smooth and round those edges. Grinding also makes the nail much shorter without the risk of injuring the quick.
(Grinding cannot be done with cats, only trimming)

Dogs – $30

Grind Only

Sometimes nails are short, but have a sharp point. In this case, only grinding is needed

Dogs – $25

If your dog is fearful or aggressive when having their nails trimmed, we have the ability to calm their anxiety by using a hammock. Hammocks are available for cats and dogs up to 150 lbs. Suspending a dog or cat in a comfortable hammock actually calms them and allows the technician to safely work on their nails. 95% of the pets we have suspended in a hammock have successfully had their nails trimmed.


If a pet is trying to bite, a muzzle and/or cone will need to be used for the safety of the technician.
There is only one technician, so if the pet is being difficult, assistance holding the pet will be needed from the pet parents.

$5 additional fee if pet requires suspension in a hammock